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Rock Under Fire

Oct 30, 2022

A brief snippet of the unreleased season premiere, recorded in August but scrapped for technical issues.

Ep. 81

Copyright free music provided by Lovers Squared by Letter Box 1973 by Bruno E Giorgio Di Campo for FreeSound...

Oct 23, 2022

Friend and fellow podcaster/radio host Aaron Novak returns to talk about his longtime radio show Memphis, Egypt with Aaron and Todd, and his decision to leave the show. For over a decade, Memphis Egypt with Aaron and Todd was a Tuesday night staple to WDCE 90.1 out of Richmond, Virginia. Other discussion topics include...

Oct 9, 2022


Writer & director, Mike Nirenberg returns to the Rock Under Fire podcast once again. Nirenberg's most celebrated recent works have been his 2014 documentary Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story, and his 2020 book Earth A.D. the Poisoning of the American Landscape and the Communities...